Dunedin Toastmasters Club

Why Join Us?

Join Dawnspeakers Toastmasters Club to confront your fear of public speaking in a supportive and convivial environment.

Learn Effective Communication Skills

In this Information Age, you are probably more at ease communicating by email and telephone than you are face to face. At Toastmasters, you will learn the art of oral communication.

Overcome the Terror of Public Speaking

Speaking to groups large or small may intimidate you. In Toastmasters, you will learn how to successfully formulate, express and sell your ideas and yourself.

Learn to Speak on Your Feet

As you give one to two minute impromptu speeches on general subjects, you will learn how to formulate ideas while thinking on your feet.

Get Constructive Feedback

Whenever you give a prepared speech, an evaluator will point out the presentation strengths and offer suggestions for improving your next speech.

Our Values

  • Have fun

  • Treat all members and guests with respect

  • Support all members in their Toastmasters goals

  • Acknowledge the contribution of others

  • Celebrate and support the diversity of our members and guests

  • Support innovation

  • Ensure being a member of Dawnspeakers is a rewarding experience

Where and When?

7am on Tuesday mornings at the Alexander McMillan Room first floor of Community House, 301 Moray Place, Dunedin.



I came from a family that avoided events that involved public speaking at all costs. After leaving university I soon realised that if I was to be successful I had to break that mould. When a friend mentioned one of his new year's resolutions was to improve his public speaking by joining toastmasters I agreed to go with him. That was 15 years ago and the club we joined was Dawnspeakers. In the intervening years Dawnspeakers has provided me with a safe supportive place to develop both my public speaking and leadership skills. The constructive feedback has highlighted the areas in which to put my energy and has resulted in my confidence increasing exponentially. I now feel at ease giving presentations, eulogies, chairing meetings ...etc.

Thanks Dawnspeakers


Originally from Auckland, Stuart saw the light and moved to the deep south just over 20 years ago. After a brief stint living in Queenstown, Stuart moved to Dunedin. Says Stuart: "Love Central Otago — who doesn't — but Dunedin gives you the best of both worlds with a vibrant small city, great beaches and the best of Central is just a couple of hours drive away." Stuart is a founding director of local project and construction management company Signal Management Group. Stuart again: "My work requires me to regularly speak to groups of people, some small, some large. Toastmasters has helped me improve my speaking ability tremendously and also taught me how to run meetings, especially ones with large groups of people." Stuart has been with Dawnspeakers for over 15 years and whilst with a smile he says he has become part of the furniture in the club, he says he loves helping people to improve their speaking. "Whilst we are there to practice and learn, we have a lot of fun along the way and l enjoy every meeting tremendously. It's always a great start to the day!"


I came to Toastmasters originally because I had had a poor job interview, the feedback was that they were not confident 1 could present well to the board. I decided that I wouldn't miss opportunities again on the perceived belief that I was a poor public speaker. So I hunted down and found Toastmasters, and understood immediately that this was the place that would help me. In a short time 1 saw the dramatic improvements I made.

When I came to Dunedin I was looking for a club that would fit into my working schedule, and my children. Dawnspeakers fitted the bill awesome, because it was first thing in the morning in town. It meant I could be in and out and still get the kids off to school. It starts the day inspirationally and is a great motivation to get up early. The Dawnspeakers are mostly professional people all keen to improve and grow their public speaking. The meetings are concise, lasting for an hour, and packing in heaps of good learnings.

I would recommend Dawnspeakers for anyone looking to grow themselves and their speaking.


If you have any questions about Dawnspeakers or would like to talk about membership, email [email protected].